Chia blockchain forking?

We have an interesting thing happening. We are reading incoming transactions to our address from blockchain in real time and writing them into our own database. Looking back later, sometimes we see the same coin in blockchain DB confirmed at a later block than we have it marked down in our own database. We even have one instance of 9 blocks discrepancy.
Is the chain forking like that? The original block is changed when looking back, we can’t see the coin in it anymore, but it was there, as our system picked it up in real time.

You are likely witnessing foliage getting added to form transaction blocks, which occurs around every three blocks. This is normal activity in Chia.

It’s worth reading the whole consensus section of our docs site, but the section most relevant to your question is here:

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Very interesting, thanks. To be honest, I did kind of read all of the documentation, but reading it in a complicated jargon and than seeing it in real life are two different things.

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