CHIP-0008: NFT Royalty Splitting

This is the place to discuss CHIP8, a standardized way to split NFT royalties. Informal feedback and discussion of this topic is welcome here.

Formal reviews should be added to the Pull Request:

CHIP-0008 meeting

  • Time: September 26, 2022, 21:00 CEST / 15:00 EDT
  • Purpose: Community call to discuss CHIP-8
  • Audience: Any developers interested in the proposal for NFT royalty splitting
  • Recording: video1168790569.mp4 - Google Drive
  • Summary
    • Andreas will simplify the CHIP to be focused on the royalty puzzle itself.
    • The CHIP is likely to be best suited as an “informational” CHIP.
    • Andreas will look at the possibility of integrating features from Tim’s royalty puzzle, including a tip jar.
    • Brandt expects to submit a CHIP for a puzzle store in the coming weeks. At this point it can be checked that CHIP-0008 is forward compatible with this concept.

This CHIP is now in Review. Please leave your reviews, including requests for changes, on GitHub:

If no requests for changes have come in before January 5 (three weeks from today), then the CHIP will be moved to Last Call.

Feel free to discuss the CHIP here as well.

This CHIP is now in Last Call. If no changes are required to be made in the next two weeks, it will be finalized.

This CHIP is now Final and may no longer be updated.