CHIP-0015: Extension of Off-chain metadata format for NFT1

CHIP-15 is now a Draft. This CHIP is an extension of CHIP-7 (Off-Chain metadata format for NFT1). It is meant to expand upon the current utility of NFTs created under the NFT1 standard by adding schemas from

Feel free to discuss this CHIP here or in the #chips channel of our official Discord. Formal reviews of the CHIP should go in the Pull Request:

Clyde will discuss CHIP-15 over Zoom on Tuesday, May 16 at 4 PM PDT (11 PM UTC / 7 AM on the 17th in China). All are welcome to join, but it will be of most interest to ecosystem developers and NFT creators. This call will be recorded. Check Discord for the Zoom link.

Here is the link to Clyde’s explanation of this CHIP:

As usual, feel free to ask questions and/or discuss the CHIP here. And leave your reviews in the PR (linked above).

This CHIP is now in Review. Please leave your reviews in the Pull Request, and feel free to discuss the CHIP here.