CHIP-0016: VC1 Standard

This CHIP is now a Draft. It is a standard for implementing Verifiable Credentials on Chia’s blockchain.
Feel free to discuss this CHIP either here or on Discord. Please leave your reviews in the Pull Request:

When looking up proofs, a Proof of Inclusion (another hash) is all that is required to be presented.

Isn’t a proof of inclusion made up of multiple hashes (unless the tree has <= 2 elements)?

It’s both (at least in DL), so the statement in the CHIP might need some clarification.

We will host a public Zoom call to discuss the technical details of CHIPs 16-19 on Wednesday, May 24, 2023 at 8 AM Pacific (1500 UTC, 11 PM in China). See the #chips channel in Discord for more details.

Here is the recording from our call where we discuss CHIPs 16-19: