Cost of NFT minting using bulk minter

I’ve heard in the AMAs that the long term goal is for fees to reach around $10 per transaction. (standard transaction I assume). And I know minting an NFT has a much higher clvm cost. I think it’s 17million vs 123million. If fees ever reach that $10 mark, that could make minting an NFT cost $138, correct?

I have 2 questions:

  1. What is the difference in cost minting 25 NFTs per block with the bulk minter vs minting 25 individually?

  2. Will payment channels, or other L2 tech allow significantly cheaper minting per NFT? Or will minting always have to happen on L1?

My concern is that if chia fees ever reach that level, it would not be possible to sell inexpensive things as NFTs.

Sorry I didn’t see your question sooner.

  1. The CLVM cost will be the same whether minting NFTs individually or using the bulk mint tool. The tool simply allows you to mint many NFTs in the same block, as opposed to one per block.
  2. We expect that L2 solutions such as ZK roll-ups will indeed enable NFT minting, which will therefore greatly reduce the transaction fee per NFT mint. Hopefully this will be in place before fees get out of hand on L1.
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