Creating offer by Chia RPC API

I would like create offer by Chia RPC API,
but it is a some gap about Chia RPC API documentation.

  • 12.1
  • 12.2
  • ?
  • ?
  • 12.5
  • 12.6

In another site i found function create_offer_for_ids(agent, params)
( chia-agent/ at main · Chia-Mine/chia-agent · GitHub )
but i don’t know how to use it.

Maybe someone can show some example ? :slight_smile:


offer: Record<int, int>;
fee?: uint64;
validate_only?: bool;
driver_dict?: TDriverDict;
min_coin_amount?: uint64;

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This might be useful for you: Chia RPC

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To create an offer via Chia RPC, the json payload should look like this:

    "offer": {
        "1": -1000000000000,
        "2": 1000
    "fee": 50000000

Above is the offer of 1 XCH (1 trillion mojo) for 1 CAT. 1 and 2 are your wallet id. For NFT, you can replace the wallet id with the launcher id instead.


Hi, is there any way to request nft?
chia just set the requested launcher_id as cat id… :sweat_smile:


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i don’t understand how to request an NFT.
if i offer it, it works,
if i request it, it fails.
Why? Some example?

error: Error creating offer: driver_dict specified PuzzleInfo(info={'type': 'CAT', 'tail': '0x9a1eefb87d5d71526299a3ddab969aac88737153b8b100e8c70de2b6345bcf87'}), was expecting PuzzleInfo(info={'type': 'singleton', 'launcher_id': '0x9a1eefb87d5d7152 6299a3ddab969aac88737153b8b100e8c70de2b6345bcf87', 'launcher_ph': '0xeff07522495060c066f66f32acc2a77e3a3e737aca8baea4d1a64ea4cdc13da9', 'also': {'type': 'metadata', 'metadata': '((117 " mkxdkaxbimqimwexazvry/p.png" "ipfs://bafybeiejjyoylqffgtqjpyj3lob46b6gkh4lamkxdkaxbimqimwexazvry/p.png") (104 . 0xd93efc76a0389e2c3375babb545a3ca9c577e1550159e096af8e3dcaf56b69bc) (28021 " 4lamkxdkaxbimqimwexazvry/p-eae8c77b.json" "ipfs://bafybeiejjyoylqffgtqjpyj3lob46b6gkh4lamkxdkaxbimqimwexazvry/p-eae8c77b.json") (27765 "") (29550 . 1) (29556 . 1) (28008 . 0xeae8c77b44775836c5ccaff4d2b8e2c597ec976cae5bfc2c8100abcb7dc08dc5) (27752 . 0xd93efc76a0389e2c3375babb545a3ca9c577e1550159e096af8e3dcaf56b69bc))', 'updater_hash': '0xfe8a4b4e27a2e29a4d3fc7ce9d527adbcaccbab6ada3903ccf3ba9a769d2d78b', 'als o': {'type': 'ownership', 'owner': '()', 'transfer_program': {'type': 'royalty transfer program', 'launcher_id': '0x9a1eefb87d5d71526299a3ddab969aac88737153b8b100e8c70de2b6345bcf87', 'royalty_address': '0x1c949b361c73b682c64091d68c5c9dbaf144734eb76eec2 997221c1329fba6f8', 'royalty_percentage': '200'}}}}),

To request NFT, you will need to provide driver_dict for that NFT using nft_get_info RPC.

The example 2 in documentation should give you more detail on how to get that.