Dart (Mobile) Code Demonstrating Chia Corp Compatible Addresses

This code demonstrates how to use a 24 word mnemonic to calculate the master private key, the master public key, the farmer public key, the pool public key and all the attendant private keys and puzzle hashes for hardened and unhardened (observer) addresses.

Using this example code mobile and web developers can derive HDD wallet addresses from existing mnemonic seed phrases used by the Chia Full and Lite wallets.


The 1.0.5 release has been updated with CAT support. Previous release added support for XCH transactions.

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Why are you linking to a fork and not the original repo?

Looks like Grant is actively developing the fork, the original repo seems to be dormant.

I’d love to see utils like that for TypeScript/JavaScript, btw :slight_smile:

We have gone far beyond what Rigidity had originally worked on. It still looks like a fork of his original code but has diverged so much that it would probably be best to sever that connection. I will look into it.

1.0.6 release contains bug fixes and setting many objects as immutable.
1.0.7 release contains the chia full node simulator running via a Docker container.

It’s on my list since I need it for Arbor Wallet :stuck_out_tongue:

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can i use this in my flutter desktop project? how to use it? appreciate if anyone can guide me