DID wallet and linked NFT wallet wonkiness

Hi! I’m working on testnet10 and experiencing some wonkiness when creating DID and NFT wallets using the CLI. I create a DID wallet using:

chia wallet did create -n “Test DID” -a 1 -m 0.00001

This succeeds. When I run

chia wallet show

I see that both a DID wallet, and an NFT wallet linked to that DID are created. The DID wallet is ID 2, and the NFT wallet is ID 3. Next I issue an NFT to wallet ID 3. I’ve run a few tests… some where the NFT fails, some where it succeeds. Regardless, when I run

chia wallet show

wallet ID 3, the NFT wallet that was automatically created when I created the DID wallet, no longer is listed in the results. If I create another NFT wallet, it gets created with ID 4. So now I have 3 wallets, with ID 1, ID 2, and ID 4. Is this a bug?

Sorry you are experiencing this, and sorry for the delayed response. Yes I believe you are experiencing a known issue, where the ID of a wallet can change unexpectedly. This will be fixed in a future release.

Thanks for the reply. I have experienced the ID of my NFT wallets changing. The stranger thing IMO though is that the DID NFT wallet just gets auto deleted.