Did wallet migration to new computer

So I’ve been minting on a computer and have a whole collection under a specific did. I had to buy a new computer and I added my keys to the new computer. The did linked wallet does not appear in on the new computer, however, I do have an NFT wallet that contains the did that I’ve been minting with. When I try to mint an NFT to that wallet I get error missing did wallet for did id… How do I create a did wallet on the new computer that contains the did I’ve been using so I can mint to my collection? I’ve been trying everything I can think of from the developer guide. Thanks again

I had a similar issue and got the advice to nuke the wallet db (not the full_node db) and resync the wallet. This worked for me.

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I ended up copying db from computer a to computer b and restarting and syncing the wallet. Issue solved