Docker chia wallet

How do I start only the light wallet in my docker application,There is no official documentation for this. doc link Package chia · GitHub

To start the light wallet only, you can specify via the service environment variable.

Here is some example:

docker run -d --rm -e service=wallet -v ~/.chia:/root/.chia -v ~/chia/mnemonic-words.txt:/root/mnemonic-words.txt -e keys="/root/mnemonic-words.txt" --expose=8444 --name chia

Verify the result:

❯ docker exec -it chia venv/bin/chia wallet show
Wallet height: 2354106
Sync status: Synced
Balances, fingerprint: 2483575623

Chia Wallet:
   -Total Balance:         0.0 xch (0 mojo)
   -Pending Total Balance: 0.0 xch (0 mojo)
   -Spendable:             0.0 xch (0 mojo)
   -Type:                  STANDARD_WALLET
   -Wallet ID:             1

Type      IP                                     Ports       NodeID      Last Connect      MiB Up|Dwn
FULL_NODE                            8444/8444  1530fef3... Aug 04 20:14:47      0.0|10.9
                                                 -Height: No Info    -Hash: No Info
FULL_NODE                           8444/8444  7990aeb2... Aug 04 20:14:46      0.0|13.8
                                                 -Height: No Info    -Hash: No Info
FULL_NODE                           8444/8444  698ac12e... Aug 04 20:13:48      0.0|0.0
                                                 -Height: No Info    -Hash: No Info
FULL_NODE                            8444/8444  3192588e... Aug 04 20:14:46      0.0|0.0
                                                 -Height: No Info    -Hash: No Info