-en and -ec for ERC1155 Implementation

For most of NFTs, “NFT series total” and “Current NFT number in the series” are set to 1. When I tried to modify -en to 1 and -ec to 5 with example metadata “https://pastebin.com/raw/PnaQGQiH”, NFT series total is still 1 but not 5 as my input. Here is my NFT id on testnet “nft182d83pzfn8zt4tjv0s8l3c4ruk2hgjx89dr8tlwycz8fj80m7eaqc7mr59”.

In fact, I want to issue 100 copies for an identical NFT like ERC1155, and I thought it should be done with --edition-number to create multiple identical copies of an NFT.

Edition and series are two different things. The edition number represents how many copies of a specific NFT there are, and the series represents which NFT it is in the collection.

The edition is set on the command line with -en (edition number) and -et (edition total). This was changed to be consistent a while back, and is no longer -ec (edition count).

The series is set in the metadata file.

Since it sounds like edition is the one you want, try with -et 5, and make sure you are checking the edition rather than the series.