Example of a CAT that can be melted?

I recognize that the CH21 token can likely be melted but the published CLSP is limited to the Delegated_Tail and does not list what TAIL was delegated.

I assume it was the anything_with_a_signature TAIL but am curious about what additional inner conditions were added.
Can anyone shed light on the necessary inner conditions to melt a coin?

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Delegated TAIL is already sort of a super set of anything_with_a_signature. Since you can sign whatever TAIL you want, you can basically do whatever you want. I would guess that according to the tutorials, most people have signed genesis_by_coin_id as a TAIL to just do a one time issuance, but to leave their options open.

When you’re looking at the TAIL code, inner_conditions is actually the result of running the inner puzzle to the CAT with it’s inner solution. The TAIL actually has its own solution which for delegated_tail is actually the delegated TAIL and its solution. I don’t have anywhere to point you about CATs that can be melted at the moment, but you can see the delta parameter in the TAIL. Most TAILs just raise if that is not zero, but a TAIL that allowed some logic when that delta parameter is less than zero would be considered a CAT that can be melted.


Thank you!
This helped a lot and also the CAT lifecycle test pointed out by a keybase user has been very helpful as well.

Keep up the great work team!

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