Finding coin id in an accepted offer

I am looking at the block info for a specific block where I know an offer was accepted. I know the coin_id of the NFT that was being offered. How can I determine which coin was exchanged as part of that offer?

Dexie now shows this for you on the Completed Offer screen. For example, here is a recent offer (scroll down to see the inputs and outputs):

Thank you, but I would like to know how I can develop this myself. I have been looking through the additions and removals as well as spends of the block but haven’t figured it out yet

Check these posts:

Very helpful thank you!
One question, I noticed that the settlement coin that the offer I was examining went to the address that is inside settlement_payments_old. Can you explain why there is an old and new address?

Not sure if my question was unclear, but I was referring to these files:

and chia-blockchain/settlement_payments_old.clvm.hex.sha256tree at main · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain · GitHub

is the old one being deprecated? Should both be looked at?