Generate Chia Tax statements in few clicks with public key

Tax statements Version 2 is out with below features based on users.

Guide: Chia Tax Statements | Docs

  1. Added support for public key / observer key with max of 5000 derivation indexes

  2. Added additional address support for old keys for farmers.

  3. Ability to pay with XCH using wallet connect.

  4. Tiered plans to support NFT trades.

  5. Support NFT trade spot prices in selected currency across marketplaces (Dexie, hash green, offer pool and offerbin) and private offers

  6. Support for CAT trades in XCH

  7. Statements summary for different assets and PDF overall summary

  8. Ability to delete the reports from system (No child key and statements will be stored. Once deleted then you cannot recover the report)

  9. Keybase support channel

Coming soon:

  1. Support for CAT trades sport prices in selected currency across marketplaces and private offers

  2. Support for more currency

Please give it a try and share your feedback on the statements.

Note: We are still working on few items and please DM if you encounter any issues.

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