Get_coin_record_by_name -> Coin Record not found

I am trying to obtain the following coin record (on testnet):

I tried against the wallet node and against the full node.

this is my rpc against my full node:


this is the result:

Coin record 0x2d858b0476d8972a023265ab4bfd362b894ac82c4465e77556e320def8d5c932 not found

The coin can be found on testnet explorer, as shown in the top link

i got a little further:
get_coin_records_by_names has to be used, get_coin_record_by_name does not include spend coins. Additionally, fullnode has to be queued, walletapi does not seem to find any coins at all.

get_coin_record_by_name should include the spent coin. Was it possible that your full node was not synced to block 2087095 when you try the rpc?

no, the node was synced.

Im using a workaround now. I calculate the coin/nft id from the spend bundle and can then check wether the nft has been minted on the wallet node