Got 2 different account using same seed/mnemonic

I am new to chia network and for getting hands-on I started with chia blockchain wallet on a Linux machine. And after testing it I came to know that software is too much for my machine just to get a wallet. So I tried Goby extension as well as and interestingly I seed of 24 words which I when inserted in nucle and goby they give me the same address but that is completely different from chia blockchain wallet address.

Attached screenshot for your refernce.

That’s how Chia BLS keys work.

The master private key can be used to derive child keys, which can further be used to derive child keys, etc. The number of levels can be infinite.

So from the same 24 seed words, different wallets (Chia, nucle, goby, etc.) might derive different addresses.

It looks like Goby and are deriving non-observer keys while Chia 1.3 is now default to observer keys.

Here is one of my keys comparing non-observer keys from Chia official wallet to Goby addresses:

The official Chia wallet can keep track a lot of addresses (# can be set in config.yaml) and combine amount altogether to show you the total balance.

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