How to check when mint transaction is complete

nft_mint_nft returns a spend_bundle . How do I get from that spend bundle to a transaction?

I’m trying to monitor when the mint transaction is completed. The best way I can see right now is to get_transactions and match on the aggregated signature or to poll the wallet for the nft to show up.

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for posterity sake I used this hint from @scrutinous. wait for the resulting coin to show up. It can take over a minute so patience is called for.

in some javascripty pseudo code.

launcher = spend_bundle.coin_solutions[0].coin.parent_coin_info;

let coinExists = false;
const timer = ms => new Promise(res => setTimeout(res, ms));
while (!coinExists) {
    await timer(10000);

    try {
        const coin = await full_node.get_coin_record_by_name({ name: launcher });
        coinExists = coin !== undefined;
    catch {
        console.log(`waiting for mint transaction`);