How to Connect to localhost:55400 (daemon Websocket) by Postman?

I am trying to Connect to Chia daemon at localhost:55400 by Postman Websocket. Any Help ?

I want to Subscribe/Register Service to different events.

When I click on Connect then Error Displayed Can’t connect to server.

Are you supplying the daemon’s crt and key files to authenticate the connection?

Yes I am supplying by Adding in -->Settings -->Certificates with IP: port:55400

@dkackman Can you export you request setting and share with me that I can Import it in my postman ? So I would be able to diagnose that whether I am doing some mistake or may be its Chia issue ?

Oh. I didn’t mean to imply that I had gotten postman to work for this. Just the first debugging question for hitting the daemon. I did just try it with the same result as you. Given that websockets are beta for postman I wonder if it’s a bug.

I have been forking around with making a REPL environment to bring together the RPC API and other bits. If you’re looking to test and experiment with API it might work for you. It can invoke all of the RPC service endpoints including listening to the daemon event stream.