How to find out, if there is a technical issue or if the fee is too low?

I currently have a lot of stuck transactions and Im trying to investigate the cause of it.

I would like to knwo a way to find out if a transaction is successfully included in mempool and will eventually be executed or if there has been a technical issue and the Pending balance is stuck in my wallet unless I remove all pending transactions.

I’m currently using rpc requests.

One such example from testnet:

transaction 734e31fabe45eff5d130df3d7186070f4b130cc3e051a26f88911c489d97903e
Status: Pending
Amount sent: 1E-12 TXCH
To address: txch1alc82gjf2psvqehkdue2es480caruum6e296afx35e82fnwp8k5shty4cp
Created at: 2023-01-15 22:26:10

Try the get_all_mempool_items RPC:

The testnet is consistently being dusted, so you need to include a fee of 5 mojos per cost in order to push out another transaction from the mempool.

transaction fee was 10k mojos total.
this is the response of get_all_mempool_items

"{\"mempool_items\": {}, \"success\": true}"

so how do I debug further?

That’s odd if you’re running a full node. For further debugging, you can edit ~/.chia/mainnet/config/config.yaml, set log_level: to INFO (or DEBUG) and restart chia.

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