How to see all coin ids in my wallet (cat creation)

I’m just getting started with CAT dev and I’m wondering how I get the coin ids for all the coins in my wallet. I see there is the --select-coin command but is there a way I can see all the coin IDs?

AFAIK, No, not yet, even standard wallet. There has to be one, but to my surprise there isn’t. You’ll have to modify the chia-blochchain source code (WalletRpcApi part) to expose your own API.

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You can also generate them yourself if you’re making a wallet, but this takes quite a bit more work.

This feature will be enabled in a future release.

For now, a stopgap measure is to create an offer for the whole value of your wallet, but don’t share it. Instead, view the offer, click the three dots under “Actions”, choose “Show Details”, and scroll to the bottom. There will be a “Coins” section that lists each coin you own. To get the coin ID, run

run '(sha256 <0xparentid> <0xpuzzhash> <amount in mojos>)'

If you’re afraid of your offer getting sent out and being accepted, simply make the offer in exchange for something of a higher value.