How to send transaction in chia?

I am developing an app on android for chia and I got stuck in sending transaction using this method.
12.2 Full Node API | Chia Documentation. I have an api that supports this method
How to get these parametres : aggregated_signature, puzzle_reveal and solutin.

Puzzle reveal is the serialized form (using opc on the compiled version) of the puzzle of the coin you’re spending.

The solution is the same idea, but instead the solution to that puzzle for the coin.

Aggregated signature is typically a single signature that proves that you made the transaction and prevents it from being tampered with.

You can read more here:

Here is an example of spending a coin using RPC:

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Thanks for your answer, could you give some help on how to do with javascript? I saw all the examples done in python with chia-dev-tools, but couldn’t find anything in JavaScript?

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There are couple of good libraries for JavaScript/TypeScript/Dart that could help:


Is it true that chialisp can only run on two platforms at the moment, one is python and the other is javascript?

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Thank you so much, you saved my day. One more question if you know please, how to get parent_coin_info? I saw how to do it throught command-line on youtube by forming a smart-coin on blockchain, but I couldn’t do it on web using javaScript.

I think yes. I am working on native android app and ios, couldn’t find anyting similiar on these platforms.

No. Chialisp is a high-level language compiled to CLVM which implements smart coins on Chia Blockchain.

So far, because the availability of libraries and examples, most people use Python and JavaScript to communicate with blockchain and operate data on it (e.g., push transaction or get coin records). But any modern programming language that can talk with Chia RPC API should work as well.

parent_coin_info is a part of the coin. So if you get the coin record (via RPC), you should see it inside the coin.

I used chia-daemon within chia-repl, but you can also import it to your project and use it that way.

Nope, it looks like you didn’t understand my question. How to generate parent_coin_info when sending transactions with method push_tx from full-node api ?
In here, before pushing the transaction into the blockchain, they are first creating it from wallet api. Is it possible to do it with full-node api methods?

I don’t see parent_coin_info in the code you posted. Do you mean puzzleHash?

puzzleHash is a decoded bech32m of the XCH address. If you have an address, you can use chia-utils to convert it.