How to setup testnet

You can find up to date instructions for setting up testnet10 here: How to Connect to the Testnet · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

Note that if you are running v1.3 or above (and you should), the setup has different steps detailed in the link above (step 3a).

Some things to keep in mind:

  • if you run chia init after updating config.yaml you will revert much of your edits to config.yaml. So run chia init first
  • config.yaml needs to be updated with the testnet10 info (below)
  • when creating the db directory in /home/user/.chia/mainnet use don’t use sudo

Testnet10’s faucet is here:

To speed up syncing testnet10, you can download the database here and put it in the db directory: Index

testnet10 info:

Updated the selected network. Change to selected_network: testnet10

Add this to the appropriate section:

        AGG_SIG_ME_ADDITIONAL_DATA: ae83525ba8d1dd3f09b277de18ca3e43fc0af20d20c4b3e92ef2a48bd291ccb2
        DIFFICULTY_CONSTANT_FACTOR: 10052721566054
        EPOCH_BLOCKS: 768
        GENESIS_CHALLENGE: ae83525ba8d1dd3f09b277de18ca3e43fc0af20d20c4b3e92ef2a48bd291ccb2
        GENESIS_PRE_FARM_FARMER_PUZZLE_HASH: 3d8765d3a597ec1d99663f6c9816d915b9f68613ac94009884c4addaefcce6af
        GENESIS_PRE_FARM_POOL_PUZZLE_HASH: d23da14695a188ae5708dd152263c4db883eb27edeb936178d4d988b8f3ce5fc
        MIN_PLOT_SIZE: 18
        NETWORK_TYPE: 1

Also update the introducers in the full_node: section with:

    port: 58444

You will also need to find replace references to testnet7 in config.yaml. I don’t recommend doing a find-replace, but instead find each one, see what it does, and update to testnet10 as needed.


Hey Roybot, there is a typo in this:

"* if you run `chia init` *after* updating `config.yaml` you will revert much of your edits to `configy.yaml` . So run `chia init` *first*

look at the first config.yaml :slight_smile:

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