I have a question about the game on the Chia

Hello everyone!
I have developed a game on the Eth blockchain and I am adapting it for other coins.

My question is, would the developers of the Chia be against me launching my game on the blockchain of the Chia?

I’m not with Chia Networks, but the great thing about blockchain is that it is ‘permissionless’ meaning nobody can stop you from doing what you want with Chia as long as the nodes accept the chialisp code you write. So if you decide to build on chia, people can’t take that away. The chia farmer nodes run the chia software so if it’s valid chialsip, it can get included in a block. Have confidence that your project has a trustless, decentralized blockchain to run on. check out chialisp.com for info on how to write code, because it’s very different than ETH, but there is a free online dev tool running vscode called clovyr to get some tutorial practice.


thank you very much.

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Sounds interesting, what kind of game is it?

As @aaronabrown said, no one will stop you making a game on the Chia blockchain :slight_smile:

Here’s an example of a game: https://mojowhale.com/


Well, my game isn’t that pretty, this is an old fashioned textbased crypto-squid-game lottery (raffle) based on ETH blockchain and 2 minigames inside ( even/odd and Gx16) and bets system on 4, 5 and 6 episodes.
The lottery lasts 6 days (episodes) and you don’t have to spin anything in it, everything will be done by the blockchain. Now the third test game is underway. And all my tickets are out.
If there is interest to watch, I can give a link to the channel in the telegram, where the game is in reality: Telegram: Contact @cryptosquidgame200122

Also about me - I have CHIA Plot Count: 3250 with 321.671 TiB in solo.
And my last winning was:
2022-01-31T11:28:10.329 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: INFO 4 plots were eligible for farming 055f0d0f82… Found 1 proofs. Time: 3.02846 s. Total 3250 plots

I understand that I can add Goby to my site to buy tickets for the game and place bets?

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I appreciate your interest in Goby. You can refer to this example.