I want the RPC port to be exposed on the intranet

How to get the intranet to access the wallet rpc, now the host must be localhost

If you modify the config file (~/.chia/mainnet/config/config.yaml) and change this self_hostname: localhost to self_hostname: it will bind to any IP address on the hosting server. Some caveats:

  • all running services, including the daemon will now bind to that IP. You’re still protected if you have control of the mutualTLS certs but be aware.
  • You should also be running a firewall on the hosting server and only open the wallet port to intranet traffic.
  • restart chia after making this change

This wiki article shows how to configure the daemon like this. The same concept applies to an individual service endpoint: Connecting the UI to a remote daemon · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

2022-07-23T09:30:23.048 wallet chia.wallet.wallet_node : ERROR Missing
After I have changed it, the following error appears:
keychain_proxy: Failed to connect to keychain service Traceback (most recent call last):
File “chia\wallet\wallet_node.py”, line 168, in get_key_for_fingerprint
File “chia\wallet\wallet_node.py”, line 153, in ensure_keychain_proxy
chia.daemon.keychain_proxy.KeychainProxyConnectionFailure: Failed to connect to keychain service

Hmmm. You are seeing that on the machine where the node and wallet are running? Or on another machine that you are trying to connect to that wallet?

I’m seeing it on the same machine where the node and wallet are running

Wierd. And it goes away if you revert the change? Is this windows or linux?

windows ,But I tried to modify it on Ubuntu without this problem

I’ve only ever done this on linux. There are other places in the config that declare farmer and wallet peers etc. These are set to localhost. In my experience on linux binds localhost and any other IP addresses available. Maybe windows behaves differently.

Also, I’ve never tested this with the keychain in the mix.

Ok thank you very much,Have a great day!

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