New NFT documentation

With the launch of NFT1 support in the Chia client, we’ve documented the complete RPCs and CLI commands on Chia Docs:

We’ve also done a bit of restructuring and moved the NFT Developer Guide over to Chia Dev Guides:

The Dev Guides site is more informal and enables us to add installation guides and best practices tutorials. We’ll be adding more NFT content to it in the coming days and weeks, including:

  • Metadata best practices
  • Storage & hosting best practices
  • Video tutorials

Is there anything missing that you’d really like to see documented? Or any ideas for NFT tutorials?


The NFT1 documentation mentions that ipfs is a valid protocol for media, but if you use an ipfs:// version of your media URL for the first URL rather than an IPFS gateway, the 1.4.0 client fails to preview it. Is this expected?

Yes, this is expected. NFT1 is the standard and the Chia 1.4.0 client is compliant with this standard but doesn’t support all possible features that the standard allows for. It’s important to remember that the Chia desktop client is just one implementation that happens to be our own.

Currently, the client supports loading NFT data over HTTP, HTTPS and FTP URI schemes. It will display IPFS data through an HTTPS gateway, so one possibility is to use two URIs - one on ipfs:// and another through an IPFS gateway on https://.

This will be documented at length in the “Storage & hosting best practices” guide.