New Singleton 1.1 Standard Top Layer

The new Singleton 1.1 standard removed Truths because it was originally an optimization, but was causing headaches (you’re supposed to be able to pass in an arbitrary inner puzzle). You can find the link here.

This is going to be the new standard for everything except PlotNFTs going forward (although it is still in development) and it has support for hinting/memos as well as a few optimizations that make it about 15% less expensive.


Cool. And what’s the anticipated use case for hinting/memos in singleton context?

I believe it’s for optimization of syncing to the newest coin created by the singleton

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The link above doesn’t work anymore. I think the branch was changed to optimize_singleton_v1.1, so it’s changed to the new link.

Edited, thanks. I tried to update the link before but missed a part of it.

Is the singleton_top_layer_v1_1 finalized yet? Since nft utilizes it, so I guess only documentation needs to be updated.