NFT Logo for a Token

Hi everyone, I created a token on and I also made a mint nft on mintgarden and now I need to add the created nft as a logo for my token. How can I do it better? I also need to upload the created token to the blockchain. I tried tail database but couldn’t figure out the address for “NFT Logo ID”. I apologize for my bad English and thank you in advance for your help

I think you will get a better response if you direct this question to either the Pawket folks or TAIL database.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to ask them this question.

Hey Byzantium,

have zou been able to find a solution?
According to other entries in the Tail DB, the Logo NFT ID should just be the NFT ID of the nft containing the logo ( eg. nft12ezcmwkcu0t8v44rpr0wnjxphmv7fnzfw35a36upgc40pas5zyaqg8e9kz )

However I have a simmilar issue. The Tail DB client telling me that the NFT ID is invalid.

Folks from Tail DB seem “gone” for a couple of months now. Development is halted and issues are not beeing answered. Quite the bummer seeing that many platforms utilizing Tail DB for their NFT infos.

This error message is only displayed by the electron app which hasn’t been updated for a long time (in particular since the introduction of wallet connect). Partly because almost everybody prefers to use the website rather than install an application.

You should be able to add the information using the website and wallet connect. Let me know if you encounter an issue with that process.