NFT Offer generation via CLI

Hi. I found the following info in the chia FAQ

The CLI commands for NFT offers are almost the same as those for CAT offers. The main difference is that you have to include the NFT singleton’s value after the NFT ID (typically this is :1). For example, to make an offer, you can run:

chia wallet make_offer -o 1:0.1 -r nft1g5gzj3hl9gdyrq83zveepf8wmeet8mxl8zutfyahs0wfkg9mcs9qepc4w5:1 -p test.offer -m 0.001

How can I verify / retrieve an NFTs singleton value? I’m not seeing it returned with “chia wallet nft list”

I don’t think any of our RPCs or CLI commands will list this value. However, I also don’t think I’ve ever seen a singleton value other than 1. Is this not working for you?

You have to put the NFT ID in quotes, it’s a string.

I just verified that the OP’s command works on Windows without quotes. If you are using quotes, it could be OS-specific. In that case I can update this FAQ. Which OS are you using?

It does work for me with a value of 1, I was just hoping to get some clarification on it I suppose. I did not have to use quotes for the NFT ID.