NFT On-chain Metadata

For the most part we want to keep NFT data off chain. To facilitate this we will have a small amount of data on chain that is either a reference to off-chain data, a hash for security, or values that we want to ensure are immutable.

On-chain metadata will be kept in a compact list of key/value pairs. These pairs will be read and re formatted as JSON by RPC.

The list of currently proposed on-chain metadata values are:

  • Data URLs - This is an array of URLs that can be used to access the NFT data (e.g. image file). Multiple URLs can be provided for backup.
  • Data hash - This is a SHA256 hash of the data file
  • Metadata URL - This is a URL that can be used to access the off-chain metadata
  • Metadata hash - This is a SHA256 hash of the metadata file
  • License URL - This is a URL that contains license/usage information for this NFT
  • License hash - This is a SHA256 hash of the license file
  • Edition number - This is the edition number for this NFT
  • Edition count - (optional) This is the total number of NFTs in this collection

The JSON response coming from the RPC endpoint will be formatted as

  "data_url": ["https://..."],
  "data_hash": "...",
  "metadata_url": ]"https://..."],
  "metadata_hash": "...",
  "license_url": ["https://..."],
  "license_hash": "...",
  "edition_number": 1,
  "edition_count": 1,

edition_count is optional and may be null


Looking good to me!
I’m guessing edition_number is the “index” in a collection with edition_count NFTs inside?

"edition_number": 1,
"edition_count": 1,

would be a 1/1 NFT, whereas

"edition_number": 1,
"edition_count": 10000,

is the typical 10k PFP project?

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The closed dev alpha has ended.
This topic has been moved from restricted access to public.

i am looking for the rpc endpoint to get the metadata of any nft. I am not talking about my wallet. I did that already.
I used:
to get the current height.
to get the block
to get the “movements” of the block.
If i find a 1 mojo one how do i get the ntf metadata ?

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Hi Brause, if you know the current coin id of NFT (not singleton/nft id), then you can fetch solution of it’s parent (parent_coin_info field) using get_puzzle_and_solution endpoint which will contain the metadata.


Thank you very much.