NFT Transfer problem

Problem with NFT transfers in the CLI: When transferring an nft from one person to another (2 different private keys)
if we type:
./chia wallet nft transfer -i 2 -ni bbB6dc2702842f451af9b8e31aa097e114540c9d46506d587483252ceef50613 -ta did:chia:1v2c3afl2qvp67af65nuz36xdpha29mh4e8qj83lpu642480mphfks9
the command works but the NFT does not leave on the DID but if an address that looks like

send to this address:
the did:chia: is replaced by xch
and the last 6 characters changes.

Then impossible to see the NFT on the Wallet: did:chia:1v2c3afl2qvp67af65nuz36xdpha29mh4e8qj83lpu64248tphfws20mj9k

It would be necessary: ​​either to block the possibility of sending to an address which does not begin with xch or to add the possibility of really sending to a did.

I made the mistake last week but another person sent me an NFT on my did and it arrived at the same address.