Piggybank done! What’s next?

I finished the Piggybank tutorials on YouTube and went through the Piggybank steps in Clovyr. Now I’m looking for next steps. My ultimate goal is to become a smart coin developer but I am new to blockchain and Chialisp. I’d like to get a sense of what is possible so I can think about what I can build. I’m curious to see what people came up with for the Clovyr hackathon.

Bram tweeted that people applying for a job with Chia should put some Chialisp they write up on the web. That’s the direction I’m headed although I feel like I am just taking my first steps. Can anyone offer guidance or advice?

Eventually I would like to use Smart Coins to support non-profits involved in sustainable farming and food security such as The Food Project.


As far as a good next step learning Chialisp, you could try Dan Perry’s Leave a Legacy project here GitHub - danieljperry/LeaveALegacy: A chialisp puzzle example to explore the question: What happens to your crypto when you die? or play around with Chia Asset Tokens.

If you’d like to create your own project from scratch, it’s always a good idea to think of a problem you want to solve, often something that is done in the monetary world system that can be improved with digital currency. Then think about all of the various aspects and challenges that will need to be solved relating to it. Finally, come up with a solution and implement it as a smart coin.

A project like this will go a long way, and if you have questions along the way feel free to ask here or on our Keybase.

And to answer your question of what’s possible, as clvm is Turing complete and the coin model is so flexible, it’s more of a question of what’s not possible. So far I’ve seen tokens, offers, NFTs, rate-limited, and decentralized identity wallets, DAOs, gambling games, etc.


Thanks for your thoughtful response. I’ll look at Dan Perry’s project and the other ideas you mention. :+1:

IMO you should also go through the chialisp dot com tutorial example for password protected coin from the command line and start using chia-dev-tools for simple spends like this. Next step would be to do simple two coin announce/asserts with emphasis on the “why” this is necessary(HINT: farmer extracted value) which will naturally lead you to signatures which is fundamental and not like normal chialisp. The LeaveALegacy example is great, but leaps to the same end-point, so learning in different ways like this probably will reinforce your base.