Problem with the HD keys derivations

I am using yours bls-signatures in Android, I included the repository in my project and the most functions work fine, but when I derive the children keys for obtain the address (Private Key and Public Key), I don’t found the same addresses as Chia Wallet, the result addresses can uses for all the processes and I find the same in many times, for this reason I can use it for obtain the same addresses with the same mnemonics words. I know the Chia Wallet use a “path” for derive the differentes wallet address, for wallet addresses I am using [12381, 8444, 2, INDEX]. It’s the same BLS library, Is there any reason for this to happen? Exist other library that are compatible with Chia Keys derivation? Thanks!

Here’s where the Chia code derives its keys, maybe you can compare to what you’re doing and see what’s different: chia-blockchain/ at main · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain · GitHub

Yes I am using the same path, but the result is not equal, I think that are other reason that cause It, thanks!