Should we have support high decimal places with CAT?

Currently, CAT2 just support 3 decimal places,in some high accuracy scene it’s not enough. so shell we have plan to support high dicimal CAT? like ERC20 to support 28 decimal paces?

By the way, I’m curious about Chia-Ethereum bridge how to fix deciaml dismatch problem?
Will bridges round data beyond CAT2 decimal accuracy?

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With three decimal places, the smallest amount of wrapped BTC you could own on Chia’s network is worth $26. For wrapped ETH it’s $1.65. Though this is not ideal for frequent trading, it should be fine initially for bridging assets. That said, we might consider supporting more decimals, but we would need to make sure to avoid confusing users. This is especially important considering that some wallets might not display CATs in the same way, with the same number of decimals.

If you have an idea for a standard that would support more decimals without causing confusion, you are welcome to create a CHIP.

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I got it. This question confused me some days. If I have good idea, I 'd be happy to contribute to the network