Spacescan weekly update - 12 - Auto DID verification and Creator DID profile

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Blockchain insights

  1. Blockchain insights
  1. Claim your NFT Creator DID to avoid scams
  • If you are Chia NFT creator, claim your DID to avoid any scammers impersonating your collections.

Verify DID | Docs

  • Impersonation is becoming a problem in Chia NFT echo system. CHIA DID is offering solution to link NFT collections to DID. DID owner can link it to social accounts to prove the ownership. The DID1 is in draft and not ready for two-way link.

  • As interim option, created twitter bot which links Minter DID to NFT meta data so the DID could be claimed via twitter.

  • Check out DID page of Space RatZ NFT

  • Checkout Space RatZ NFT collection page with DID linked

  1. UI/UX enhancements
  • Added minor enhancements suggested by sethjenks and Tarun

  • New UI/UX enhancements are done in the mobile view same as on the web.

  • Infinity scroll for NFT collection and NFT pages

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