Subject: 🌱 Introducing ChiaGarden: An Open-Source Collection of Tools for Chia Farming on Linux

Hello fellow Chia farmers! :star2:

I’m excited to share with you ChiaGarden, an open-source collection of tools developed to help build, manage, and maintain Chia farms on Linux-based systems. This toolset aims to be useful for anyone, from beginners to experienced farmers. Your feedback and suggestions are more than welcome as ChiaGarden continues to evolve and improve.

:wrench: Key Features:

  1. chiainit: Automate the process of wiping, formatting, and labeling multiple hard drives at once for Chia farming storage.
  2. garden-mount: Easily (un)mount drives based on a specified label prefix and manage the process using provided systemd service files.
  3. plot_counter: A script that counts Chia plots on multiple disks, calculates their total size in TiB, and displays results in a table format, including compression levels and data written within a given time period.
  4. plot_mover: Monitor a specified source directory for new Chia plot files and move them to a specified destination directory using rsync.
  5. plot_over: A replot-helper that gradually removes undesired plots with a given compression level by monitoring free disk space and maintaining a desired number of disks with specified minimum free space.
  6. plot_starter: A script that automates the Chia plotting process by cleaning up the plotting drive before starting, checking for and mounting the plotting directory if necessary, removing unused temporary files, and moving finished *.plot files. The script allows loading custom profiles.
  7. taco_list: A simple wrapper script to list your chia mountpoints or execute any command with the given mountpoints.
  8. Flexible Operation Modes: Choose between two modes, either using disk labels or mountpoints, depending on your preference.
  9. Easy Drive Labeling: Uniquely label drives for easy identification and processing, making disk path management a breeze.

:rocket: Getting Started:

To start using ChiaGarden, please visit the GitHub repository at GitHub - efnats/chiagarden: A set of linux tools to help build and manage your chia farm and follow the installation instructions. Documentation is provided to guide you through the process, and if you encounter any issues, feel free to ask for help.

I hope you find ChiaGarden helpful in your Chia farming journey. Happy farming! :seedling::ear_of_rice:

Best regards, efnats