Testing my Ubuntu server

Hi everyone,

I hope this is not too easy of a question, but I just started trying to develop on the blockchain and created a server (Ubuntu). I have loaded the Chia blockchain (Full Node) on my server and now as my node is nearing synced - I would love to test this server to see if everything is set up correctly (LAMP, Python, Chia Blockchain, Chia Development Tools)… Does anyone have a simple python script (.py) or anything like that (I’m not sure how this all works - so excuse my ignorance right now) that I can run on my sever to see if the Chia blockchain is working - something that would maybe return the current block hash in the web browser or something like that to just check if everything is working. I’m nervous since my blockchain is in a python virtual environment (venv) and I can’t see how my server is going to handle returning the last block if after I logout of the root the venv is not activated first (# source venv/bin/activate)

Here is my output for running # chia show -s

Network: mainnet Port: 8444 Rpc Port: 8555
Node ID: 09f11813094ee1fcda14449e303cd762d7c8c4477d96bcd2d99690fcee6b7a89
Genesis Challenge: ccd5bb71183532bff220ba46c268991a3ff07eb358e8255a65c30a2dce0e5fbb
Current Blockchain Status: Syncing 1804743/1811389 (6646 behind).
Peak: Hash: d0812daaf65c58af7421d6b92d01afdb08689cda4d0e9d32c53f9c959d01457b
Time: Thu Apr 07 2022 16:58:49 UTC Height: 1804743

Estimated network space: 27.736 EiB
Current difficulty: 2336
Current VDF sub_slot_iters: 136314880
Total iterations since the start of the blockchain: 7096504072321

Height: | Hash:
1804743 | d0812daaf65c58af7421d6b92d01afdb08689cda4d0e9d32c53f9c959d01457b
1804742 | 9078631a89288751502a9d9b99b9cb34012aaa81da1ada7a07aba442c9927c83
1804741 | b9ddd5f9f4314d10d537f581293711bb7cae5e8267afb75e732f7f558c4c11b9
1804740 | 6b9d51c2906d00c098e742c353b0a5134a0797b0b45b2b60b745a4ef13501b45
1804739 | 406b7b7b2326086f2a6b346f8e8d9069c90eac56d636cac0bb962f3e2e270450
1804738 | 97193488e67eb4cb3be3ef463d2a13955c9e384d4d35a1d016f675d84b2af09a
1804737 | 3691d334360c37c96d3e3eef83d19bcaa5f514f929ea30270339ef7a3a22af59
1804736 | f38909591d70273769e5f75474b4f57a33116551e7e99134ad3a2ffd70fe0a21
1804735 | 3066c5d7591f202ddf041de0dbdc91fdea98b9666c5a379c6194c9c290b1fd65
1804734 | de8455359e38e474abb48d76226bb3bc7c670b62f99a8ae9b052c86a590dd971

so almost synced.

So does anyone have a simple test script or know where I can find one? I really want a very simple one.

Thanks in advance.