Tips for using the Chia Developers forum

Welcome to Chia Devs! :chia_leaf:

Before posting questions, check our documentation.

We’re actively working on improving all our documentation and developer resources.

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Use Formatting

This applies especially to code snippets. But first, in general, you can either use the WYSIWYG editor or you can use markdown. (If you’re not familiar with markdown, learn more here.)

When it comes to code, it helps tremendously if you format code as code and not normal text. You can use the WYSIWYG editor to format code or use markdown to format code with backticks. Backticks are this character: `

WYSIWYG Code Formatting

This is what it looks like:

Markdown Code Formatting

Here’s an example with the backticks:

The easier you make it to read your question or code, the more likely you will receive help and responses.

Provide Useful Information

When posting, if relevant, include information like:

  • Chia version you’re using
  • are you using code from main, a beta, an official release
  • Operating system and version
  • Hardware, if relevant (CPU, SSD, hard drive, RAM, etc)
  • Logs
  • Anything else related you can think of

Welcome to the forums and happy coding!

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