Verify my own receiving address

I’ve been using an receiving address for pooling about 2 years and it receives payment every day.

Just for the interest of learning, I wanted to verify this address is belong to my wallet, I tried with the CLI to see if it’s in my address lists. From the DOC I read I can use this one:

chia keys derive search -t address -l 100 XCH-address

So I tried chia keys derive search -t address -l 100 my-receiving-address

It didn’t find.

Then I tried chia keys derive search -t address -l 10000 my-receiving-address

It still didn’t find.

Any help would be appreciated!

Do these daily payments appear in your Chia wallet? You could be deriving keys from a different root key than the one your pool is using.

By the way, this conversation could get lengthy, so it would be better suited for the #support channel in our Discord:

Thank you Dan.

Yes, all the daily payments in this wallet on the official chia app. Only one wallet on this farming computer. When I send XCH out, I can see it goes from this particular receiving address.

I think the only “issue” here is that your keys are hardened/non-observer. Chia switched to using observer keys about 1.5 years ago, and the derive command might not work properly with non-observer keys. The fact that you can see XCH in this wallet, and that you can use it as normal, means that it isn’t an issue.

Here is some more info:

That’s great! Thanks for the link.

I’ve read through the link and that explains the “issue”.

Now, a new question if you don’t mind. Whenever I send XCH out, it shows my “Non-Observer” address as sender from my wallet. How can I change it to another Observer key or can I specify a particular address as my sending address?

Thanks again.

OK, I just upgraded chia app from 1.8.1 to 1.8.2 and I notice this so call Non-Observer" address is actually showing as “From” in the chia app. I don’t remember this before. Anyway, I’m posting a screenshot now.

I know this “From” address is mine because whenever I send XCH to other wallet, it showed the send address as this one.

If you want to switch to using an observer key, just just have to create a new key in your app and send your XCH to this new key. It will be an observer key by default. (Your existing non-observer key cannot be converted to an observer key.)

Also by default, your wallet will generate a new send and receive address with each transaction. This is done to protect your privacy. However, if you want to reuse the same address, follow these instructions: