What are the points for attention in wallet migration?The wallet balance cannot be matched after migration

The ~/.chia/ folder has been packaged and migrated, and the data size is about 122G, and it has been migrated to a new node. Then use the mnemonic to import the key, chia keys add -f wallet.txt, and check the keys after importing, which is the same as the previous keys. Then I started farmer and caught up with the latest block after startup, the information of chia show -s -c is the latest. But when checking the wallet information, chia wallet show, the wallet synchronization is normal, but the balance is found to be wrong. At first, I thought that the wallet was not synchronized. After waiting for a few days, the balance of the wallet was always wrong. But the block height is normal. I tried to switch to another machine and directly use the wallet mnemonic to import the wallet, but the wallet balance is still wrong. please help me how can i recover. tks for erveryone

Most of the syncing bugs should be fixed, but you might be hitting an edge case, especially if your wallet has a lot of transactions in its history.

Can you try the following:

  1. Stop Chia
  2. Update Chia to version 1.3.4
  3. Delete your wallet db folder (~/.chia/mainnet/wallet/db)
  4. Enable debug logging: chia configure --set-log-level DEBUG
  5. Start Chia

Let us know if the problem persists. We’ll probably ask for debug info.

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ok,i’ try, node current version 1.3.4, will setting log level debug

i hava a question.
use command chia wallet show
result: No keys loaded. Run chia keys generate or import a key
But keys was imported before, this situation will appear every day, and then I have to import keys again to view the wallet.

Your keys should be stored on your OS keychain and should not need to be re-imported. This is even true after an upgrade or when you delete the wallet db as well. So for some reason your keys aren’t being saved properly.

FYI chia keys show will list your public keys.

It’s also possible your node is in a zombie state. Maybe if you kill all processes containing “chia” or reboot, your wallet will show up.

yes, my node os ubuntu 20.04, version 1.3.4, now command: chia keys show is ok, but chia wallet show not result.

Before migration, use the command chia keys show -- show mnemonic seed > wallet.txt view the wallet auxiliary words, and then on the new node chia keys add - f wallet.txt imported wallet particle

All actions of wallet migration: server system Ubuntu 20 04

  1. Check the auxiliary words of wallet and back up the auxiliary words

chia keys show --show-mnemonic-seed

  1. Put the folder ~/.chia compress and pack. The data before compression is about 122g

  2. Transfer the compressed file package to the new node and decompress it

  3. Install the client with the latest version 1.3.4

  4. Import wallet auxiliary word chia keys add -f wallet.txt

  5. Start farmer chia start farmer

Is there anything wrong with my steps

But now the balance of the wallet is wrong