What happens if two people accept an offer at the same time?

This question was asked at chia_network.public on Keybase.

One of them will succeed and the other will fail, with priority given to the highest fee. The wallet will mark it as failed after it sees the coins that were created don’t match up with the expected result.

Is that true though? I also read on Keybase that fee only matters as far as getting an offer acceptance into a block. Within a block fee isn’t considered as to prevent censorship attacks.

A confirmation either way would be appreciated.

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You are correct that the mempool is coded to prevent censorship attacks at the moment, but if you think about it, farmers don’t really care and an entirely greedy and logical farmer would still let in the one with the higher fee. So this may not always be the case, but right now the one that reaches the mempool first wins.

So this implies there’s a timestamp recorded for when something gets received by the mempool? Do you have more details on this piece? I assume it’s not client-side system time.

It’s not a timestamp, the mempool will accept one, and then when the other one reaches it, it will reject it because it conflicts with the first one.