What is a good way to get started with Chialisp development?

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A good place to start is to look at the documentation and tutorials at https://chialisp.com. You should set up clvm_tools in a Python virtual environment and use the run and brun commands to compile and run Chialisp code respectively.

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Also I think it is helpful to find something that is done in other cryptocurrencies (especially bitcoin) that you could try to implement in Chia. That’ll create direction for your learning.

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I also recommend checking out Arty’s Chia Checkers and particularly his devnotes.md where he walks through how he went about porting checkers to Chialisp.

There is also a video: https://superheterodyne.net/files/chia-checkers-commentary.mp4



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Hasn’t explicitly been mentioned yet but in my experience the best way to get started with Chialisp development is to use Clovyr and to go through the tutorials there.


There are a bunch of Chialisp related examples and videos as well that I’ve compiled on Chialisp - ChiaLinks - Chia Cryptocurrency Resources