What NFT collections are you following / creating?

Here is your chance to shine some light on your favorite upcoming or current NFT collections. Feel free to share your own if you are working on one.

What is the collection and how many are there?
What makes it special?

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I created the San Juan Nights Limited Collection using SkyNFT to mint. I’m going to follow that up with San Juan Days Limited Collection using the CLI to mint my own.

I’ve also bought a few different ones so far. Peacock, Cute Girls Army, squiwormy, Chia Network Zoom Background & 2, Smile, and minted a free Chinese Zodiac Tiger from SkyNFT.

I’m looking forward to a number of projects. Sargonas photography sets, Green Horizon where they are based on real oil painted art, Monkeyzoo, and BarnYard Babies so far.

I also already resold one NFT using offer files… squiwormy #0001 (and ended up buying squiwormy #0002)

Bought 3 NFTs from the latest batch that @sargonas put out and discovered the bug about XCH for NFT offer file.